Bring your camera and your binoculars, strap on your favorite shoes and hat we are the birding capital of Florida. Our highland area offers a migratory route on our lakes for waterfowl traveling. Our estuaries provide Cranes and Egrets a welcome sanctuary that man and his feathered friend can enjoy together. Tread lightly leave no trace.

The Beauty is just outside your door and you can make sure every day is a birding day. The easy access to our trails make a Natrue

Nature's beauty is easily found in Citrus County.Out in our many parks a quick off the Tarmac can yield memories that can last a life time. We are so blessed to have the trails in Chasshowitzka to the bike trails of Inverness. Inglis has a trail to the Gulf of Mexico .with a view that can make a Sunset Dream. Crystal River and Homosassa make up the westside,Ozello road and 44 west to Fort Island Gulf beach. Lecanto with it's rolling hill's and Hernando to the lakes of such beauty we can only be amazed. Dunnellon comes to mind with the Withlacoochee coming down slowly.

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